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January 29th, 2012

Thunder Soccer’s parent organization, Huntingdon Valley Activities Association, is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. Donations to HVAA  are tax-deductible as allowed by law but at this time HVAA will not permit tax-deductible donations to be designated for support of any particular team including the Thunder.

What that means is that donations for the use of the team will not be tax-deductible but obviously will still help meet our funding objectives.  Please make checks out to HV Thunder Soccer. That is our independent account opened at TD Bank for team needs not funded by HVAA.

Sponsorships may be tax-deductible as an advertising business expense – please check with your tax adviser. Sponsor names will only be listed on the Thunder web site and any team publications, not on uniforms or equipment. If you have a business or can influence a sponsorship from your employer or any other businesses, please know that the team would be most grateful for your support.

Below is a wish list of items for the team including estimated costs and the useful life of each item.  These are items not currently provided by HVAA. Donations in the past have funded training equipment, first aid and medical supplies, match quality balls and more. Thank you to those who have given in the past and to those who are considering donations.

Custom Soccer Bags $800 2 / 3 years Done!
Matching bags will make us look like a team and will help the girls organize their soccer gear on the field and at home.

Six-seat Bench $100  3 years Funded!
We had one this year but it is small and designed for younger players.

2 Mini Goal Sets $200 3 years Funded!
Small sided practice games are a way to work on skills and two sets of mini goals will allow two games to be played simultaneously at practice.

16 Size 5 Match Quality Soccer Balls $384 Funded!
Match quality balls are required for games but we prefer to use them for scrimmages as well as they do have a different feel than lower quality balls. We will start using size 5 balls this spring to train and will use them to play as a U13 team.

Training Equipment $250
Cones of varying sizes, training vests in various colors, kicking and shooting aids, etc.

Tournament Fund $1,500
I don’t want to have to collect checks every time we decide to play in a tournament and I don’t want an individual player’s inability to pay to keep the team from joining a tournament. Each tournament costs about $500.

Travel / Training  Fund $1,000
The girls will become stronger as a team when they interact on and off the field.  I would like to be able to rent practice facilities or bring in training specialists when we need it and be able to travel out of our area on occasion to attend special tournaments .

Rain Jackets $750 3 seasons – fall, spring, fall
We practice and play in the rain and these would help keep the girls a bit more dry while looking like a team.

Please use the Contact information if you would like to discuss any of these needs, donations or sponsorship opportunities.

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