Game Prep

August 14th, 2009

Game Day Preparation
We practice to learn and we show what we have learned at games. It is a time to let our parents, family and friends see how hard we have worked. At games then, we must work even harder.

  • Come to each game prepared to do your very best and to play hard
  • Arrive 30 minutes before outdoor games and 15 minutes before indoor games for all warm-up activities
  • Be well rested. Avoid late nights or spend-the-night parties on the night before a game. All too often little sleep is had and players are unable to play their best. Your team mates are counting on you
  • Do not come to games thirsty. Try to drink water right up to game time and be sure to have plenty of water or sports drinks to consume during the game
  • Have a small meal but no closer than 1 hour prior to game time
  • Make certain that you have all of your game equipment with you in your bag
  • Watches, earrings, bracelets etc.should not be worn to practice or games
  • Let your coaches know of any conditions or injuries that might affect your play
  • Let your coach know well in advance if you will have to miss a game
  • Try to eat a small snack about 15 minutes following a game to help your muscles recover
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