Player Info

January 29th, 2012

There are a number of pages dedicated to player information including practice expectations, game day tips, equipment needs and suggestions and more. When you play for the Huntingdon Valley Thunder,  you have been invited to play for a soccer team that is dedicated to its soccer players.

Players are always encouraged to speak with coaches any time they have questions or if they have any concerns. The coaches are here to help and they want you to have fun, to learn about soccer and to be the best you can be.

Soccer is not as important as school.  Coaches want you to complete your homework before you come to play soccer. Since we expect you at practice, doing your homework before practice, perhaps as soon as you get home from school, is essential.

There is one absolute rule for players on the Thunder Soccer team – no matter your level of skill, you can always try your very best. You are always in control of how hard you play.  Your teammates expect you to play your very hardest, to try to win every ball and to always give a 100% effort.  You are not playing to impress your coaches or your parents – you are playing as part of a team and your effort is in support of your teammates.

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