October 3rd, 2008

I created a page that explains donation and sponsorship opportunities and a team “Wish List” of items the team needs. HVAA sponsors the team throughout the year but only provides full operational support in the fall season.  In the winter and spring the team is  responsible for all costs for additional equipment, league fees and related expenses for operating a select soccer team.

Next year the overall fees for soccer will better reflect the actual cost. However, I always want to be certain soccer remains affordable to families who have children that would otherwise make the team but for the cost. This situation has already occurred so I will continue to try to raise funds whenever possible but without hitting people over the head with it.   Any donation or sponsorship must be without strings attached and will have no impact on the management of the team, selection of players, playing time etc. Fundraising is about asking those who have the financial ability to do something special to make a gift. There are people who could fund all current needs with a single check but I have no preconceived notion of anyone’s ability or willingness to fund this team. I am, however, quite optimistic that we will be successful. Our girls deserve nothing less.

For those who don’t know, I am a fundraising consultant by trade. I don’t believe in having children sell products or work to raise money. If they have the time for that between school and all their activities, I would rather they dribble a ball or practice kicks. I simply ask people to give generously because it is needed.

In raising money people often ask me what amount they should give. Sometimes I suggest an amount but without researching someone’s ability, often the best answer is simply this – you know your donation is the right size when you stop trying to rationalize why it is probably enough. You will know because it will feel good when you give it. It really can be that simple. We have needs, people have the ability to do something about it and generally they will if asked.   Surely we can raise a few thousand for the girls if we try.

I have started talking to a few families about team needs and stepping up to get this team funded appropriately so that the girls have what they need to compete with other soccer clubs.

Click here to read more on how to donate or sponsor the team and view the Wish List.

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