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Kicking Off the Season

March 18th, 2008

Spring soccer is for trying new things. Some players may be asked to play new positions at times and we may try some new formations. Anything is possible.  All players have been learning offensive and defensive skills over the winter although they may not realize it.  Every position requires offensive soccer skills and defensive soccer skills. This picture illustrates it perfectly. After defending the goal, our keeper gained control of the ball and then sent it 40 yards up the field toward attacking the opponent’s goal.  Just as our keeper is helping get the offense started, our forwards need to use defensive skills to keep the ball up at the attacking end of the field because that will keep it out of our net. My goal is to get players to stop  thinking or worrying about whether they are playing ”offense” or “defense” and instead play them both in whatever position they are asked to play. We are getting there.

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