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2009 Schillinger Soccer Tournament

November 25th, 2009

Once again the HV Thunder are heading  to the Schillinger Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament at Parkwood.  As has been the case for the last couple of years, the weather forecast is – at least for Friday – cold and miserable with a 100% chance of suffering.  What a tradition.  Players always have fun once they are able to get moving. Parents on the other hand will merely suffer. The weather will slowly improve through the weekend.

Schedule (all games on Field 4)
Friday 11/27   9:00am vs PYO Eclipse   W 1-0
Game Time Forecast:  42 with showers and gusts to 25 mph, feels like 29

Saturday 11/28  2:00pm vs Parkwood Devils  W 2-0
Game Time Forecast:  53 and windy,  feels like 43

Saturday 11/28  4:30pm
vs UGH Devils  W 4-1
Game Time Forecast:  51 and breezy

Sunday 11/29  11:45am Championship vs PYO Devils
Game Time Forecast:  Let’s try to  make it a beautiful day

Directions (from Philmont at Huntingdon Pike)

Field Map – Championship is on Field 1

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